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Poetry on self-Injury and recovery

Recently a reader submitted several poems on the experience of self-injury and recovery. We are grateful for the opportunity to share these beautiful pieces!

Dear Self Harm….
by: Angela Mcrimmon

I know we’ve had this conversation before,
But this time I’m throwing you out the door,
I tried in the past but didn’t want to be rude,
For after all you had done me such good.
I appreciate that you’ve been my friend,
But now I’m afraid it has to end,
I cannot keep you here by my side,
There were times you almost let me die!
There were times when you just went too far,
As if to remind me who you are,
A gentle reminder you’re in control,
You hurt my skin and damaged my soul.
I’m stronger now and I can see,
You tried your best to take over me,
No longer will I wear another scar,
To remind me of just who you are.
I’m not ungrateful for I know it’s true,
I’m still alive and it’s thanks to you,
I know that I wouldn’t be standing here,
But the price you charged was just too dear.
I stand here alone and count the cost,
Of all you did and of all I lost,
Memories you thought you had to make,
As another piece of my skin you’d take.
It hurts me we have to say goodbye,
For on you I knew I could always rely,
I know that I’ll miss you every day,
But that’s why you need to go away.
You’ve tried to keep me all to yourself,
Didn’t want to share me with anyone else,
I can see you now through brand new eyes,
I’m not interested in all your lies.
I wish you well but please don’t write,
Get out of my mind and out my sight,
To make my point I must confess,
I’m mailed this with no “Return Address”

They Don’t See
by: Angela Mcrimmon

They think that I do it from a place of hate,
But when I go to far it’s just a mistake,
I don’t mean to damage to the point I must seek,
Medical help and admit my defeat.

I only really meant it to take off the edge,
But I’ve done a little more damage instead,
They think that I mean to hurt and destroy,
They assume that this is the goal I deploy.

They don’t seem to realise the times they see,
The reason I harm is to set myself free,
From the anxiety that eats me up deep inside,
There’s so much self harm that I choose to hide.

They don’t seem to realise there’s so much more,
Harm that takes place behind my front door,
So many times that I do manage to take,
Care of my wounds so the guilt I forsake.

It doesn’t come from a place of hate,
It comes from a place I just try to abate,
Escape from the ever enduring distress,
They don’t seem to see I’m not always a mess.

Battle Scars
by: Angela Mcrimmon

You may see my scars but you cannot see,
That each one tells a story for me,
A story where I literally fought to survive,
Yet so many times I could have died.
They ask me the triggers and all I can say,
Is that sometimes it helps me get through the day.
Sometimes it helps to make me feel calm,
To quiet my head so that I can…
Present to the world what they want to see,
So I can hide this madness inside of me.
I hide the thoughts that race round my head,
That sometimes I wish I would rather be dead.
I harm because I hurt inside,
My heart and my head seem to collide,
I’m anxious but I feel I cannot say,
Because no-one expects me to be this way.
They don’t know these wounds I gave to myself,
It was easier to hurt than to ask for help,
These scars tell a story and the story is this,
They’re a sign I survived and IT IS WHAT IT IS

Posted February 09 2016 Guest Blogger: Angela Mcrimmon

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